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Welcome to Julie’s Blog

Welcome to Julie’s blog! I’m Julie and I am the facilitator for the Read a Recipe for Literacy Program in New York. I am so excited to begin this blog to share all of the wonderful experiences I have had participating in this program.  I’ve been with RRL for the past three years and have

Florida Mango Smoothie

Florida Mangos are especially yummy when added to milk, yogurt and a little bit of honey.  The kids decided which Healthy Smoothie they liked best.  Here are some of the recipes we used.  We put a “surprise” ingredient in each–SPINACH!  Shh….you can’t even taste it!  By adding a handful of fresh Spinach to each recipe, we

El Sol in the Summer time

We had a great summer program at El Sol that just ended last week.  The kids had fun cooking in the kitchen of El Sol and writing their recipes.  Many drew pictures of their favorite pizza dishes.  No one had ever made pizza from scratch before.  Making Pizza was the favorite recipe the kids created.  Working