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El Sol Sunshine Garden and Read a Recipe

The  children at El Sol are preparing for their garden plot, writng and reading about seedlings and potting soil.  Check out the photo of Chef Heather showing them plot #12, which is all theirs!

Team “Building” and Communication

The students were given the challenge to build the tallest structure that could stand alone without falling. They were given the few supplies of straws, paper clips, and tape. They had to work as a team where communication and collaboration were necessary to complete the task.  They had to explain the process, including the strengths and

Bug Light Lighthouse

We had a wonderful guest speaker, Mr. Otto Schoenstein, who brought a scale model of Bug Light Lighthouse in Orient, which he built, for the students to assemble. Mr. Schoenstein, a resident of Greenport and a retired carpenter, built the model after he participated in the actual rebuilding of the lighthouse in 1990. Mr. Schoenstein shared

Amercian Museum of Natural History – Kwanzaa Celebration

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Westgate Children Visit the Public Library

The children visited the Main Branch of the Public Library this week  and had a wonderful introduction (by Alyssa, head librarian,)  to all the library has to offer.     And it’s more than just computers!    There are  books to look at,  to read, and to take out.

Making Fun with Healthy ingredients-Fruit Art

A Recipe for making Fruit Art and Fruit Salad!

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