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El Sol Sunshine Garden

Check out Alyssa’s great blog to follow all the exciting activity taking place  with our partner,  El Sol  Jupiter’s Neighborhood Resource Center.

El SOL enjoys a healthy, yummy drink!

At EL SOL  I asked the kids, why is soda not good for you?  Many did not know, “it takes good”!  We talked about the difference between soda and juice—some sodas have about 38 g of sugar per serving (we measured it out in a glass—that’s a lot of sugar!  MUCHO AZCUAR!) and juice usually

S.FL Water Management District visits Read a Recipe class

Westgate Recreation Center welcomed Michael from the South FL Water Management District. He is an ecologist.  Michael brought in samples of native plants for the students to hold and discuss.  Why are native plants important?  They use less natural resources and they bring balance to the environment.  They use less water, which is important.  Where

Westgate Recreation Center goes to the Library!

A trip to the local library taught the students at Westgate about how to search for materials on line or in person.  Each student had the opportunity to look for books about gardening or cooking.  They then had the chance to look on the computers.  Many of the students did not have library cards and