Monthly Archives: May 2014

RRL Plants a Garden at Floyd Memorial Library

Read a Recipe for Literacy had the privilege of planting a garden on the library grounds to maintain and use throughout the summer. The students were excited to get their hands dirty and plant a variety of herbs, vegetables, fruits and even sunflowers in the garden. Before the planting began we explored what was already

Jerry Thomas Elementary School, and Read a Recipe for Literacy

Chef Heather was invited to Jerry Thomas Elementary School to present the Read a Recipe Program to a very happy and interested group of learners .   It didn’t take the chef  long to win over the children in the ESL class.   The  children really took to it, preparing a wonderful and very healthy

Graduation Night at El Sol

Our children were among those who graduated this Spring at El Sol.    It was a great occasion for everyone–family, friends, the students, their  teachers, the staff and all the volunteers.      

Trip to River Park Farm and the American Museum of Natural History

The excitement began to build on the Friday before the trip. The students could not contain their excitement while they searched the web sites of River Park Farm and the American Museum of Natural History. What would they see on their adventure into New York City? On Saturday, May 10th the students took an amazing trip into

Sunshine Organic Community Gardens

Sunshine Organic Community Garden and our Raised Bed Thrive

There’s been such tremendous progress at the Sunshine Organic Community Garden that it’s been hard to keep up since we celebrated the grand opening ((April 22).   Our raised bed is planted and already we’ve got okra and Everglades tomatoes and red-stemmed Malabar spinach on the rise!