Monthly Archives: January 2015

Greenort Harbor

As you can see, Greenport harbor was quiet last week.   Still and all, it’s  worth visiting this time of year–the stores are open and the good owners will welcome you inside. The Floyd Memorial Library is always an inviting center of activity.    Don’t miss it.

Who am I?

The students were asked to write Bio Poems to describe themselves. They enjoy sharing their poems and learning new things about their friends.

Alternative to Soda!

The students squeezed fresh lemons and limes into seltzer water for a refreshing drink before diving into their journals. Some responses were; “It smells fresh like an air freshener.” “It’s sour.” “A lemon is a fruit?” ” This is really good!” They discovered (to their surprise) that not all delicious drinks need sugar and artificial flavoring!  

The Streets are Quiet in Greenport……

but there’s plenty of action at Floyd Memorial Library.    These are our Read a Recipe children at their first Spring session.    A great start to another great year.    

Greenport I the Winter: A Center of Activity

They aren’t singing the winter blues in Greenort, as the above photo attests.   Scott, our friend and owner at Burton’s Bookstore,  has been placing orders for new books that’ll no doubt fly off the shelves.  Get in and buy before someone else beats you to it.

Art from a Read a Recipe Fan: Watch Out Matisse

One of the fans of our program has been dabbling in collage.  This is a work he did while on Long Island, where he attended the 4-H Camp.   Good memories for him.                                 Thanks, Robbie!