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Squash and Eggplant never tasted so good!

It is important to know how to prepare vegetables in a way that taste good and is healthy!   We chopped eggplant, yellow squash and tomatoes and roasted them in the oven!  “Wow, that’s good”, remarked the students.

Students get ready for summer time in South Florida!

Our Lime tree! The limes are almost ready!  

RRL in West Palm Beach, FL: The Sun is shining!

We harvested in the garden and planted seeds for our flowers, hopefully it is not too hot!  It has been very sunny here in West Palm Beach!  Our Sunflower reminds us of the sunshine the garden needs every day to grow. A simple recipe for Granola was made with Oats and raisins!  yum!

  Students were welcomed Friday, May 1st to the RLL class in West Palm Beach, FL We begun writing about “How does a garden grow?” Students  responded  by writing a “recipe” for growing a garden.  A lot of discussion was focused around how plants make food (with sunlight) and what is needed in a garden for

How Does Our Garden Grow?

By leaps and bounds, that’s how our garden grows!

Absolutely Growing is Right!

Cliff Ross, Garden Coordinator extraordinaire at El Sol, gave the children lots to do this week: planting Asian long beans in their new plot.

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