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Graduation at El Sol and the Stories

The children shared their stories with everyone.   What did they like the most about Read a Recipe.   And what did they like?  Read on with a turn of your head…

The Sunshine Continues at El Sol

The children continue to harvest the herbs from their raised beds.   And the stories unfold:

News from Sunny Florida

The community garden at Holy Spirit  and the gardens of friends are flourishing.   The trees provide mangoes and then there are the herbs.  

Homemade corn tortillas

  One of the mothers from Mexico taught us how to make homemade corn tortillas.  They were made from pure ground corn meal (masa)  and water.  Wow!  Amazing and so yummmmmy!   Many of the kids said, “this reminds me of home”.   Each student got to make their own and use the tortilla press to make

Write it down!

  We worked on writing words that described the taste of Mangos. We wrote the words in Spanish and English.


In South Florida, the mangos are in season and they are delicious!  Many of our students from Guatemala and Mexico are used to eating their Mangos with chili pepper, lime and salt!  So delicious!   Where do Mangos grow?  Here, in South Florida, everywhere!