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Here’s to You!

Some people sit back and listen to the music, words of poetry, and songs of children.  All before the sun sets.

Read a Recipe for Literacy, Summer Session

Here are some children from Read a Recipe at Floyd Memorial Library,Long Island, and some children from El Sol’s Summer Camp.   Just ask them how to make pickles (they’ve written about them!) and ask the others about their healthy smiling faces.    

El Sol’s Summer Camp Rocks!

We’ve got a great program going at El Sol and the children are loving it.  The photo says it all.   Thanks to Ada Medina-Solorzano from Palm Beach County Extension for an outstanding run at El Sol.  The children were thrilled.

Fresh Chive Dip From Our Garden

The students cut fresh chives from the library garden and made a sour cream dip. They enjoyed it with a fresh glass of lemonade before they began to prepare the garden for 2015 season.

Check out the “Faces of RRL”, Greenport in the Gallery

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