Monthly Archives: January 2016

How good are your communicaton skills?

They sat back to back with their partner and tried to duplicate drawings only using communication. During this activity they realized how important being very clear and specific with your words was in order to draw an accurate picture.  We discussed how important communication is in different situations and how it is needed to express important messages or feelings. As you

New Year, New Journals

Happy New Year! The students came together after winter break to start the new semester. They designed and decorated their new journals. Their first entry was bio poem about themselves which they shared and learned about themselves and their friends.

Sunshine Community Garden and RRL

Our garden at El Sol is thriving as you can see.   We’re getting geared up for the Read a Recipe for Literacy spring term.    Weeding our garden, re-potting, and soon we’ll be planting.     Planning and planting, and plenty of anticipation!

Friedman’s Lunch is Part of the Game

Friedman’s Lunch is not only a dynamite restaurant, it’s also a great partner.   They are providing the chicks with food that would otherwise go where?   And we’re learning as we go.   Chicks, as it turns out, don’t like French fries. Go figure.