Monthly Archives: July 2016

Planning the Garden for 2016

Read a Recipe for Literacy has the privilege of planning and planting a garden at Greenport Library where our sessions are held each week. Before the planting began this year the students learned about and decided upon which different vegetables and plants we were going to grow. As an exercise we split the four boxes into; herbs, root

Visit to San Simeon by the Sound Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation

The students from Read a Recipe for Literacy participated in an intergenerational program with the residents at San Simeon Nursing Home in Greenport, NY on May 19th. The students prepared stories and poems which they shared during their visit. The residents and students then illustrated the writing pieces together.  It was amazing listen to the interaction between the children

Here’s What’s Happening at El Sol

Who would have thought?   With all the heat and humidity, the garden at El Sol is still producing.   Chex it out: