Monthly Archives: March 2017

What’s On Your Mind?

The students were posed several questions where they were asked their opinion. They were given an opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings and share them with the group. It was interesting to see what they would do if they were president, what they are proud of, or what they would do if they were

Connecting with the Community

Read a Recipe for Literacy requires community engagement, and engagement there was.   Ada Medina_Solorzano gave a wonderful presentation at the Palm Beach Library this week, demonstrating what she teaches our children.   Community, communication, healthful eating practices, exercise.    The talk was stimulating and informative.    Chef hats off to Ada.

Melaleuca Elementary School is Kicking Again

Chef Ada was back at Melaleuca Elementary School this week and the children were all on board.   She accomplished her goals (perform a routine assessment of progress made so far this year, engage the children in movement activities, prepare a healthful treat with them) and all the while had a good time. We all