Monthly Archives: January 2018

Read a Recipe at El Sol, 2018

We’re up and running again at El Sol.    The spring term began last week and the first session was a big hit!    The children donned their personalized chef hats and wore them as they prepared their healthy snack.   They are sure to make the sweet pizza at home (flatbread topped with fruit

Our Lady of Mercy Regional School in Cutchogue and Read a Recipe for Literacy

We’ve started a new program on Long Island!    It’s on Tuesday afternoons at Our Lady of Mercy Regional School in Cutchogue.    The first session held with the fifth graders was magical.  Our gifted facilitator, Julie Eyester, says that’s the way this program is going to be.  Welcome aboard!

An Outstanding Chef’s Hat

Creativity comes in all forms and always makes an impression.   Who can beat this chef’s hat?    Wouldn’t you smile if you came up with this idea?   

Our Lady of Lourdes and Read a Recipe for Literacy 2018

It was a terrific beginning  for Read a Recipe at Our Lady of Lourdes this week.   The children enjoyed writing about the topic—empathy and compassion—that was selected by our dynamic new facilitator, Bethany Hausele.     Thumbs up!

It’s Raining Flowers in Florida

El Sol’s Farmer’s Market was more beautiful than ever last weekend.    The sapphire showers were a-blooming and the garden a-thriving.    Happily,  the cooler temperatures did no harm to the plants.