What do you think?

Students communicated their thoughts and feelings about different questions posted around the room during a session. They enjoyed both writing their responses as well and reading what their peers had written.

Read a Recipe at El Sol: Scribes Thrive

The children at El Sol’s Summer Camp finished their Read a Recipe sessions with all the enthusiasm you’d expect from them.    Embracing the occasion they recorded their thoughts in words and creative illustrations.    Here’s one of our thriving scribes.

Garden Party in New York City

Attended a community garden party on Amsterdam and 100th in New York City.    It’s a perfect location for a Read a Recipe for Literacy program.   We’re working on it.    More to follow!

Congratulations to….

Big congratulations to one of our Read a Recipe students, Kaitlin, who won the creative Bookmark Contest this year.    Way to go!    Reading leads you places.

Summer Session 2017 Begins

The Read a Recipe for Literacy Summer Session started yesterday at Floyd Memorial Library.   The children were excited to see how much the garden had grown since their last visit.   After visiting the garden and tasting the kale, husk tomatoes, and herbs they began to make their summer journals from up-cycled material.  

Communicating in the Garden

The students had to use their communication skills to plant the perfect garden. They had to decide where to plant the vegetables, who was in charge of fertilizer, who would keep the planting in straight lines and who would water when the planting was finished. Some students made plant markers where they had to use