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Back to school in West Palm Beach!

18 backpacks with school supplies were donated in West Palm Beach

18 backpacks with school supplies were donated in West Palm Beach

20150814_171715 20150814_173135 20150814_173413 backtoschool.activity  Kids were able to receive donated school supplies.  All items such as notebooks, pencils, markers, glue, paper were placed in a bran new BACKPACK!  It was a fun time as they picked up donated reading books to start their new year.

Homemade corn tortillas

RRL.Tortillas1RRL.Tortillas5RRL.Tortillas2  One of the mothers from Mexico taught us how to make homemade corn tortillas.  They were made from pure ground corn meal (masa)  and water.  Wow!  Amazing and so yummmmmy!   Many of the kids said, “this reminds me of home”.   Each student got to make their own and use the tortilla press to make it as flat as possible.

Write it down!

rrl.4rrl.3rrl. 2  We worked on writing words that described the taste of Mangos. We wrote the words in Spanish and English.


In South Florida, the rrl.mango2mango.1rrl.mangomangos are in season and they are delicious!  Many of our students from Guatemala and Mexico are used to eating their Mangos with chili pepper, lime and salt!  So delicious!   Where do Mangos grow?  Here, in South Florida, everywhere!

Squash and Eggplant never tasted so good!

Heather Talks about Yellow squash and eggplant. So many yummy ways to prepare it.

20150522_172425 Heather talks about Yellow squash and Eggplant. So many yummy ways to prepare it.  We eat it roasted with tomatoes!

It is important to know how to prepare vegetables in a way that taste good and is healthy!   We chopped eggplant, yellow squash and tomatoes and roasted them in the oven!  “Wow, that’s good”, remarked the students.

Volunteers cutting vegetables

Volunteers cutting vegetables


We cut out pictures of food an described the pictures.

We cut out pictures of food and then described the pictures using new words.

Students get ready for summer time in South Florida!

Our Lime tree!

The limes are almost ready!

RRL.Use.ingarden 20150522_153951

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