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A Visit from the Principal

The students enjoyed a visit from Mrs. Wissemann. She is the principal at Oysterponds Elementary School in Orient, where some of the students in the RRL Greenport program attend. The session started with Mrs. Wissemann prompting the students to join her, using non-verbal communication. There were some laughs and moments of silence until all the students caught on and joined their friends in the circle on the floor. She talked about how she became a teacher, and now principal and the importance of communication in her profession. Mrs. Wissemann told the story of how she would journal as a child and that her mother saved her journals to share with her as an adult. There was a special entry, which she brought along with her in a frame to share with the students, of how she wanted to become a teacher some day. The session ended with Mrs. Wissemann encouraging the students to keep a journal, write down their thoughts, and maybe someday they would become what they dreamed about when they were a child. The students then wrote in their journals about what they wanted to be when they grew up. We have some future engineers, teachers, dancers and writers in the group!

Exploring in the Garden

Check out some of the photos of the students exploring and observing the progress of the garden. They even did a little tasting. The Kale was great!

These photos were taken at the end of June.

Having Fun Watering the Garden

The garden was planted back in May and the vegetables are growing as fast as are students!

Making Summer Journals

The students came together for the first summer session in the beginning of July where they made their own writing journals. We discussed how journals are an important form of communication. The students were excited to begin writing their stories and ideas in them!

What do you think?

Students communicated their thoughts and feelings about different questions posted around the room during a session. They enjoyed both writing their responses as well and reading what their peers had written.

Communicating in the Garden

The students had to use their communication skills to plant the perfect garden. They had to decide where to plant the vegetables, who was in charge of fertilizer, who would keep the planting in straight lines and who would water when the planting was finished. Some students made plant markers where they had to use their spelling skills. They also painted pictures of the different vegetables on the markers. While in the garden, they searched online what the vegetables or herbs would look like when grown to assist them with their illustrations. When the garden was planted the students voiced their favorite part of the process. Some actually said, “I Loved Weeding!”