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Learning About Herbs


The students planted their herb garden! They enjoyed a healthy snack, made by them, of infused waters(mint and lemon, basil and lime) and fresh chive dip with chips. The students discussed different uses for the herbs and how they grow. We plan on using the herbs this summer during our sessions.

How Do Vegetables Grow?


The students prepare the garden for planting. To get ready for planting the students created a human garden, discussing how different vegetables grow and where they should be planted in the physical space we have available in the garden. They sorted “themselves” between roots, leafy, vine and herbs. They prepared the soil and enjoyed writing stories in the sunshine!


What’s in the bag?

Students always enjoy guessing what’s in the bag. Each group is given a bag with a mystery item in it and have to work as a group to write a description without using the item name in it and share it with the group. The rest of the students try and guess the item. In the bags they usually find different types of vegetables or fruit that we would then use to make a healthy snack!

What’s On Your Mind?

The students were posed several questions where they were asked their opinion. They were given an opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings and share them with the group. It was interesting to see what they would do if they were president, what they are proud of, or what they would do if they were a turtle living in a pond!

Communication Through Illustration

A main focus of our program is communication.  We talk about different types of communication; verbal, written, non-verbal, illustration, etc. Throughout the past semester the students explored the importance of and how to communicate through different activities. We had a wonderful volunteer, Christina Sun, demonstrate the impact of being able to communicate a message through illustration. Christina, a community member, formally worked as an illustrator for a large company in NYC. She discussed with the students how a picture can communicate an idea or message without using words. She ended the session with a fun activity where the students had to participate together to create and illustrate a figure/person and present it to the group.  The students enjoyed seeing their creations and displaying them.  The results were fun and funny!




Planning the Garden for 2016

Read a Recipe for Literacy has the privilege of planning and planting a garden at Greenport Library where our sessions are held each week. Before the planting began this year the students learned about and decided upon which different vegetables and plants we were going to grow. As an exercise we split the four boxes into; herbs, root vegetables, leafy greens and vine grown. The students were given pictures of the vegetables and had to create the garden physically with their bodies. Check out the photo of the root vegetables!