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Fresh Chive Dip From Our Garden

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The students cut fresh chives from the library garden and made a sour cream dip. They enjoyed it with a fresh glass of lemonade before they began to prepare the garden for 2015 season.

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“Spinach Smoothies?”

To celebrate Earth Day we decided to make smoothies. I pulled out frozen blueberries and bananas for the blue part of our drink. I then asked the students, “What can we use to make the green part?” They gave several answers such as green grapes and green Jell-O. Part of our program focuses on healthy eating. We try to encourage students to eat healthy snacks after school. After not getting the correct response I took out a bag of fresh spinach. The students were surprised that we were going to put that in our smoothie.  How was it going to taste?  We always encourage them to try new things so after blending in all of the ingredients our Earth Day Smoothie was ready. The students were pleasantly surprised of the taste and enjoyed!

Using Our Five Senses

With Spring in the air, our senses come alive! The students were divided into groups and given a paper bag with an item inside. They were asked to use their five senses to describe the items without using the name and present their observations to the group. Can you guess what they had in their bags?

1. Blueberries

2. Blackberries