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Visit to San Simeon by the Sound Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation

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The students from Read a Recipe for Literacy participated in an intergenerational program with the residents at San Simeon Nursing Home in Greenport, NY on May 19th. The students prepared stories and poems which they shared during their visit. The residents and students then illustrated the writing pieces together.  It was amazing listen to the interaction between the children and the adults. It was an experience that enriched all who participated. We look forward to another visit this year.

Planting Strawberries in the Garden

It was the first time in the library garden for the season. The students planted strawberry plants. It was great to finally get outside!

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How good are your communicaton skills?

They sat back to back with their partner and tried to duplicate drawings only using communication. During this activity they realized how important being very clear and specific with your words was in order to draw an accurate picture.  We discussed how important communication is in different situations and how it is needed to express important messages or feelings. As you can see by the photos they enjoyed this activity!

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New Year, New Journals

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Happy New Year! The students came together after winter break to start the new semester. They designed and decorated their new journals. Their first entry was bio poem about themselves which they shared and learned about themselves and their friends.

Communicate, Collaborate, Create

The students were put to the task to create a story with a message through illustration. They had to work in a team to come up with a single story line. This exercise gave them an opportunity to express their ideas while allowing for others to do the same. They had to work together to create a beginning, middle and end to their story. The stories were a success and the students allowed for every  member to take part and contribute to the final piece.  When the students shared, the messages were clear. They were about making friends, not judging others by their appearance and healthy living. These are all themes that we encourage throughout the year in our program. This activity was a true collaboration and the students enjoyed working together!

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Fresh Chive Dip From Our Garden

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The students cut fresh chives from the library garden and made a sour cream dip. They enjoyed it with a fresh glass of lemonade before they began to prepare the garden for 2015 season.