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Fresh Salad From Our Garden

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The students enjoyed the summer harvest and made a fresh salad in the garden! They enjoyed picking the lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes for the salad.  It was wonderful to see then enjoying this healthy snack.

Writing in the Garden

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The students made their own journals out of recycled materials. We cut up cardboard boxes to make the binders and then decorated them with old pieces of material, felt, yarn and scrap paper. The students enjoyed making these unique journals and could not wait to write!

Our Garden is Growing!




All of our vegetables are growing! RRL in Greenport planted this garden back in May.  We now have lettuce, beans, mint, cucumbers, green peppers, oregano, basil, tomatoes, sunflowers and strawberries.

What’s Growing on Charnews Farm?

The students visited one of our great partners, Charnews Farm in Southold, NY. When we arrived at the farm the students could not wait to get off the bus. We were greeted by Denise Markut who is in charge of student visits. We took a tour of the several gardens that were growing on the farm. The students were asked to pay close attention to the different fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs that they saw and heard about on the tour. Once the tour was complete they were  divided into teams of two. The timer was set for 10 minutes where they had to run around the farm and write down as many items that they saw growing as possible. We finally met in the barn to go over the results. The winning team came up with 24 items. After the activity the students were invited to play a game of ball on the open field before getting on the bus to return to the library. Thank you Charnews Farm and Denise Markut for a great trip!



RRL Plants a Garden at Floyd Memorial Library

DSC03418Read a Recipe for Literacy had the privilege of planting a garden on the library grounds to maintain and use throughout the summer. The students were excited to get their hands dirty and plant a variety of herbs, vegetables, fruits and even sunflowers in the garden. Before the planting began we explored what was already growing and decided what plants would grow not only that were delicious but within the time frame so we would be able to eat them this summer. We agreed to plant both seeds and plants in order to get the crop we desired.  We planted tomatoes, basil, oregano, green beans, cucumbers, sunflowers, peppers, and strawberries.

There was plenty of mint already growing in the garden so we picked some and used a muddler to bring out the flavor of the mint and added lemonade. We also cut some fresh chives from the garden and made a sour cream and chive dip and enjoyed it with some multi grain tortilla chips. It was the perfect healthy snack after a hot day of gardening. The students were able to plant the extra seeds in cups and take home to start their own gardens. Many thanks to our partners Joe Cortale, from Floyd Memorial Library and Cathy Mathews, from the Greenport Recreation Center. Their dedication and support have helped make this program such a success!



Trip to River Park Farm and the American Museum of Natural History

DSC03334The excitement began to build on the Friday before the trip. The students could not contain their excitement while they searched the web sites of River Park Farm and the American Museum of Natural History. What would they see on their adventure into New York City? On Saturday, May 10th the students took an amazing trip into the city to tour River Park Farm and the American Museum of Natural History. Our tour began with farmer and urban gardener, Zach Pickens, leading us through the hundreds of crates where vegetables are grown and used in the restaurant. The students were able to taste some vegetable and herbs along the way. After the tour we participated in a planting workshop where the students were shown the proper technique to plant and care for a seed and future care as the plant grows. Farmer Zach then had the students write in their journals tips to grow and maintain a successful garden at home. Of course the last tip, my favorite, was love!

After the farm, we were off to the museum! When the students arrived they were in awe of how large the museum was. We visited all of the highlights of each floor. We saw the giant sequoia, a 94 ft. blue whale, African elephants and of course, their favorite, DINOSAURS! Another interesting part of our visit was the many exhibits that were used in the movie, “Night at the Museum”. The students made reference to many of these items before they were even pointed out. After about 2 hours of exploring all the museum had to offer it was time to return to the bus.

Before leaving the city, we were given a short bus tour of some sites. We saw Lincoln Center, Trump Towers, Central Park, Radio City, Rockefeller Center, and of course, Times Square. The students enjoyed viewing the street performers as a we drove by. As we exited the city the exhausted students settled down for a “restful” ride home.  The trip was a great success and we thank all of the partners who helped put this wonderful trip and experience together.