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Trip to River Park Farm and the American Museum of Natural History

DSC03334The excitement began to build on the Friday before the trip. The students could not contain their excitement while they searched the web sites of River Park Farm and the American Museum of Natural History. What would they see on their adventure into New York City? On Saturday, May 10th the students took an amazing trip into the city to tour River Park Farm and the American Museum of Natural History. Our tour began with farmer and urban gardener, Zach Pickens, leading us through the hundreds of crates where vegetables are grown and used in the restaurant. The students were able to taste some vegetable and herbs along the way. After the tour we participated in a planting workshop where the students were shown the proper technique to plant and care for a seed and future care as the plant grows. Farmer Zach then had the students write in their journals tips to grow and maintain a successful garden at home. Of course the last tip, my favorite, was love!

After the farm, we were off to the museum! When the students arrived they were in awe of how large the museum was. We visited all of the highlights of each floor. We saw the giant sequoia, a 94 ft. blue whale, African elephants and of course, their favorite, DINOSAURS! Another interesting part of our visit was the many exhibits that were used in the movie, “Night at the Museum”. The students made reference to many of these items before they were even pointed out. After about 2 hours of exploring all the museum had to offer it was time to return to the bus.

Before leaving the city, we were given a short bus tour of some sites. We saw Lincoln Center, Trump Towers, Central Park, Radio City, Rockefeller Center, and of course, Times Square. The students enjoyed viewing the street performers as a we drove by. As we exited the city the exhausted students settled down for a “restful” ride home.  The trip was a great success and we thank all of the partners who helped put this wonderful trip and experience together.

Team “Building” and Communication

The students were given the challenge to build the tallest structure that could stand alone without falling. They were given the few supplies of straws, paper clips, and tape. They had to work as a team where communication and collaboration were necessary to complete the task.  They had to explain the process, including the strengths and weaknesses of their team effort in writing in their “recipe books”. Can you tell which team won?




Bug Light Lighthouse

We had a wonderful guest speaker, Mr. Otto Schoenstein, who brought a scale model of Bug Light Lighthouse in Orient, which he built, for the students to assemble. Mr. Schoenstein, a resident of Greenport and a retired carpenter, built the model after he participated in the actual rebuilding of the lighthouse in 1990. Mr. Schoenstein shared his experience along with facts about the lighthouse. The children used actual photos to help put the model together.

Amercian Museum of Natural History – Kwanzaa Celebration

New Year, New Hats!

DSC03137 The students were excited to return from the holidays. We discussed our New Year’s resolutions and how we will continue to “grow” in the new year. The students were given new chef hats and were asked to design them in a way that represents who they are. Some drew pictures of their hobbies like dancing or music and some illustrated their strengths such as academics or sports. They also included pictures of things that inspired them such flowers, fish and friendship. The students then wrote in their “recipe books” how and why they designed their hats the way they did. They were proud and excited to share with their friends what they wrote.

Next we talked about one of my New Year’s resolutions which is to eat healthier. A part of Read a Recipe for Literacy is to encourage students to eat and live healthier. One way we accomplish this is through exposing the students to healthy snacks. This past week we made fruit kebabs! The students enjoyed putting together their snacks before they devoured them. It was a fun way to start the new year!

DSC03122 DSC03127 DSC03128 DSC03129

Fresh Apple Crisps


“An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” “You are the apple of my eye,” “Don’t upset the apple cart”. Who knew there were so many sayings about apples! Apples are “growing” in our area right now and I thought it would be fun to explore the different sayings and find the meaning behind them. The students were paired up and selected one of the sayings to discuss with the rest of the group. It was pleasantly surprising how many they were able to figure out.

An important part of our program is healthy living. The students made a fresh apple crisps. The students enjoyed cutting up the apples and adding ingredients to make their apple crisps. As we read the recipe we talked about different words like drizzle, optional and sprinkle.  Check out the photos of the students enjoying their fresh apple crisps on our Gallery page.

The students then were asked to write poems using apples as the subject. They were read several poems about apples. When it was explained to them that the poems were written by students younger than them they became inspired and wrote wonderful apple poems!