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Communicating with Words and Pictures

The children at Our Lady of Lourdes enjoy drawing as well as writing.   The evidence is provided herein.

Read a Recipe at Our Lady of Lourdes School

These children not only like to write, but they like to smile too.   And the snack of chick bean crackers and hummus was a new experience for them.   

Read a Recipe Students Write

It’s pretty clear that they are writing!   Serious looks this week, but they are enjoying it.  With reason.   They are making progress and having fun.

Artwork Communicates

The children at Our Lady of Lourdes communicate beautifully with their artwork.    It’s a great pleasure to walk the halls of the school.    The walls are alive with artwork such as our featured watercolor here.  

A Young Poet from Greenport Has Her Say

Catherine, a second-grader from Greenport and one of our Read a Recipe writers,  has this to say about her tree:   (See her illustration)


                                             I hear the breeze in the tree.

                                             It is whispering to me

                                             I gently whisper back to the tree.

                                             It gives me apples, can’t you see?

Read a Recipe for Literacy Begins the New Program at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School on 143st. NYC

A new program for a new school year began this week at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School,  West 143rd St.   The children were enthusiastic and engaged the entire time.   They conversed, they wrote, and they enjoyed the autumn apples as well as the organic apple pudding cake.   Who could complain?    Certainly not the presenter!