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Garden Party in New York City

Attended a community garden party on Amsterdam and 100th in New York City.    It’s a perfect location for a Read a Recipe for Literacy program.   We’re working on it.    More to follow!

Congratulations to….

Big congratulations to one of our Read a Recipe students, Kaitlin, who won the creative Bookmark Contest this year.    Way to go!    Reading leads you places.

Summer Session 2017 Begins

The Read a Recipe for Literacy Summer Session started yesterday at Floyd Memorial Library.   The children were excited to see how much the garden had grown since their last visit.   After visiting the garden and tasting the kale, husk tomatoes, and herbs they began to make their summer journals from up-cycled material.    And then the writing began.   To be continued next week!   Big thanks to Chef Julie Eyester.

El Sol Summer Camp

The children at the summer camp were working on geography this week.    Continents and oceans and why it’s called the Artic Circle.    They know how to take turns and answer the questions.   Communicate with the hand.   

Writing from the Sea

Here’s proof that we have very observant writers in Read a Recipe.   The lucky children in Florida who get to the beach these days may see signs of nesting turtles near the dunes.  Come back next week to learn more.  

Baseball Season Again

It’s baseball season.   It brings to mind an exciting session we held some years ago in Jupiter.   The children went on a field trip–a true field trip–to Roger Dean Stadium. There,  the children met some key players and got the chance to run the bases.   Their stories told it all.   Thank you, Kristina, for the great outing.

Play ball!