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First Session at El Sol Draws 21 New Students

image Dynamite beginning to our Spring Session at El Sol.   We had 21 new students on board.  We welcome Angelica Aguilera, the new RRL associate,  to run and have fun with them.

Read a Recipe at El Sol–Spring Session Begins

The spring session of Read a Recipe at El Sol begins this week and already we have 16 children enrolled.   The word is getting around about the program and then, of course, there’s the garden that’s drawing a lot of attention.  With reason.   Just check out the plants.  The dwarf sunflower welcomes visitors and gardeners alike.


New Garden Manager at El Sol

Lucky us!  We have a new garden manager at El Sol.  Cliff Ross is on board and leading us forward.  We’ve already seen many strawberries harvested and now we’re looking at preparing a dish of rice and Jamaican peas.   What about that Cuban cilantro?    More to follow…

Sun, Sun, and More Sun…..

Splendid  weather:  warm and sunny.   The perfect conditions for sowing seeds

Jupiter Lighthouse

The Jupiter Lighthouse  is a favorite spot and our children have been inspired by it.   You can see why.image

Read a Recipe for Literacy at El Sol



Don’t miss this update!   Check out our garden at El Sol!