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Session at the Children’s Garden, Floyd Memorial Library in Greenport

How lucky was I?   Very.   Just look at the journal the children made for me! The children at the garden at Floyd Memorial


Session at the Children’s Garden, Greenport

Reading, Writing, and Summer Harvest

Mrs. Rockefeller’s Garden: New York Botanical Garden

The New York Botanical Garden offers a lot of interesting programs, especially for children. Check out the Edible Academy. Don’t miss the special exhibit, “Groundbreakers”, featuring Mrs. Rockefeller’s Garden in the Haupt Conservatory.

Already July with RRL

image RRL is roaring away at El Sol, and the children are very much involved with their organic garden. It’s thriving, as is everything at El Sol. The children are working together learning new words–e.g., types of organic vegetables–and profiting from their labor. Healthy, happy, and communicating. Three cheers for Chef Heather and three cheers for our new RRL children.

Meanwhile up in New York, Julie resumes tomorrow. Rumor has it that all the sessions will be held in the garden at Floyd Memorial.

And the journals that the children will use for RRL?
Wait until you see!


Riverparknyc is the Best Restaurant in New York City

imageI have to sing the praises of one of our partners,  Riverparknyc.    Not only did the team there–Chrissa and Zach and Chef Sisha–do a tremendous, bang-up job for our children when they visited in May. (See Julie’s blog for more),  but they they performed    with perfection when I visited the dining room last week.    Talk about the finest of evenings.    Can’t thank them enough!

Jerry Thomas Elementary School, and Read a Recipe for Literacy

imageChef Heather was invited to Jerry Thomas Elementary School to present the Read a Recipe Program to a very happy and interested group of learners .   It didn’t take the chef  long to win over the children in the ESL class.   The  children really took to it, preparing a wonderful and very healthy trail