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Connecting with the Community

Read a Recipe for Literacy requires community engagement, and engagement there was.   Ada Medina-Solorzano gave a wonderful presentation at the Palm Beach Library this week, demonstrating what she teaches our children.   Community, communication, healthful eating practices, exercise.    The talk was stimulating and informative.    Chef hats off to Ada.

Let it Snow! We’re Still at Work

The weather in the northeast may not garden-friendly right now, but that hasn’t stopped the children from working. Let’s hear it for them and for Julie, who continues to radiate enthusiasm.

The Read a Recipe Children at Floyd Memorial Library are Proud

The Read a Recipe children have been making progress by leaps and bounds this year.   They know it.   Just look at those smiles.   Many thanks to Julie who continues to run the show in a stellar fashion.


Caterpillars and more

The children are learning about caterpillars and improving their spelling while they are at it.

Columbia Secondary School Community Garden is a Great Partner

Thanks a bunch to Meredith Hill and the gang at Columbia Secondary School Community Garden.

Working together will make the difference. Let’s keep moving on!


The Coconut Wows the RRL Children at Melaleuca Elementary

The RRL children at Melaleuca can tell you all about the coconut, how it tastes and feels, where it grows, what you can do with it.   Would any one of them have guessed you can make brooms from the fronds of the coconut tree?    And how about the mask?

Coconut mask

Coconut mask