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The Great Give: We Did It!

Many thanks to all those who supported us last Wednesday and contributed to the Great Give.   Your donations to RRL count.    We raised enough money to run a new Read a Recipe for Literacy program in Florida starting next September!

Sincere thanks from all of us.    More to follow about the new program as the plans progress.



The Children Visit Charnews Farm in Southold

The RRL children went on a field trip to Charnews Farm recently and had a wonderful time.    They were treated to a tour of the Agriculture center by one of our most loyal and dedicated partners, Denise Markut.   Denise is the Stewardship Manager at Charnews and has been involved with RRL for years.    She shared her knowledge with the children,  who now know how to plant potatoes.   Just ask one of them what an eye of a potato is.    Denise’s enthusiasm is contagious! 

Melaleuca Elementary School: “Where Students Soar”

The children at Melaleuca Elementary continue to work.    The April 3rd Read a Recipe for Literacy session included a photo opportunity.   A lot of smiles, which means something.

Sunshine Organic Community Garden is Abloom

Our Floridian garden is booming and blooming.    Here are a few shots taken on a gorgeous southern Florida day.   We’ve got peaches and Barbados cherries and… get to guess what’s on the tree.

Connecting with the Community

Read a Recipe for Literacy requires community engagement, and engagement there was.   Ada Medina_Solorzano gave a wonderful presentation at the Palm Beach Library this week, demonstrating what she teaches our children.   Community, communication, healthful eating practices, exercise.    The talk was stimulating and informative.    Chef hats off to Ada.

Let it Snow! We’re Still at Work

The weather in the northeast may not garden-friendly right now, but that hasn’t stopped the children from working. Let’s hear it for them and for Julie, who continues to radiate enthusiasm.