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Read a Recipe for Literacy/Palm Beach County Cooperative Extension Service Starts at Melaleuca Elementary School in West Palm Beach

img_1587We’re off to a great beginning with a new partner at a new school in West Palm Beach.  Ada Medina-Solorzano from PBC Cooperative Extension PBC/UF  will be running the show each week for the lucky students at Melaleuca Elementary School, West Palm Beach.   Her first session was a timely one.   After providing the children with the necessary materials for the program (RRL hats, notebooks, and pencils), she got them thinking (and preparing) a hurricane salad.   So what is a hurricane salad?   One that can be prepared by the children at home when a hurricane threatens and they don’t have access to a store.   Out of the cupboard come the handy cans of beans and corn, a dressing is prepared with vinegar and oil, perhaps some dried herbs.   Voila, dinner is served!

Here’s What’s Happening at El Sol

IMG_1461Who would have thought?   With all the heat and humidity, the garden at El Sol is still producing.   Chex it out:

Great Give is on May 3rd

Don’t miss the chance to support Read a Recipe on May 3rd.   We are participating in the GreatGive, all day.   Do check it out.   The plan is to start a Read a Recipe for Literacy program at a new site in Florida.   You can make that happen.

Let’s rock and roll!

A Feast for Eyes at El Sol

IMG_1319 IMG_1320Colors abound in the garden what with the flowers and flowering plants. And this says nothing about the gardeners.   Check it out.

Peach Trees Growing at El Sol

The peach trees at El Sol are bearing fruit.    Check it out.   Thanks are due to our friends at Palm Beach County Cooperative Extension and Mounts Botanical Garden.  IMG_1314

Great Give Florida is on May 3rd


This is going to be a big day for Read a Recipe for Literacy.   We’re hoping to find support in order to expand our programs in Florida.   We are working in partnership with El Sol and have big plans for Summer School.   Check out the Great Give!