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Read a Recipe for Literacy and Our Lady of Lourdes School in NYC

We’re about to embark on a new program on 143rd Street in New York.    October 17th is the start date for RRL at Our Lady of Lourdes School.   We’re ready to fly!

Read a Recipe at El Sol: Scribes Thrive

The children at El Sol’s Summer Camp finished their Read a Recipe sessions with all the enthusiasm you’d expect from them.    Embracing the occasion they recorded their thoughts in words and creative illustrations.    Here’s one of our thriving scribes.

What’s in the bag?

Students always enjoy guessing what’s in the bag. Each group is given a bag with a mystery item in it and have to work as a group to write a description without using the item name in it and share it with the group. The rest of the students try and guess the item. In the bags they usually find different types of vegetables or fruit that we would then use to make a healthy snack!

It’s Almost that Time Again

  • The children are getting ready to celebrate the Spring.    We’re thinking organic eggs with natural dyes made from our own herb garden.    We’re also thinking of those egg shells as compost.    What comes around goes around. 

Melaleuca Elementary School is Kicking Again

Chef Ada was back at Melaleuca Elementary School this week and the children were all on board.   She accomplished her goals (perform a routine assessment of progress made so far this year, engage the children in movement activities, prepare a healthful treat with them) and all the while had a good time. We all did!   The children participated in a number of ways: kicking their feet, pumping their arms, and suggesting other exercises for all to do.   A very participatory group it was.

Read a Recipe for Literacy/Palm Beach County Cooperative Extension Service Starts at Melaleuca Elementary School in West Palm Beach

img_1587We’re off to a great beginning with a new partner at a new school in West Palm Beach. Ada Medina_Solorzano from PBC Cooperative Extension PBC/UF  will be running the show each week for the lucky students at Melaleuca Elementary School, West Palm Beach.   Her first session was a timely one.   After providing the children with the necessary materials for the program (RRL hats, notebooks, and pencils), she got them thinking (and preparing) a hurricane salad.   So what is a hurricane salad?   One that can be prepared by the children at home when a hurricane threatens and they don’t have access to a store.   Out of the cupboard come the handy cans of beans and corn, a dressing is prepared with vinegar and oil, perhaps some dried herbs.   Voila, dinner is served!